What’s this? Finnish artist Benjamin is out with a brand-new single. This is ‘Orgasmi’.
What dat mean? The Finnish language is a complicated beast, full of surprises. ‘Orgasmi’, on the other hand, translates precisely how you would imagine it should.
What does it sound like? Great big dirty electropop. As with everything Benjamin has done since he started recording in Finnish, it’s tremendously good.
Written by? Benjamin Peltonen, Neea Jokinen, Joonas Keronen, Iivari Suosalo, Arttu Istala and Iiro Paakkari. Produced by Jaron & Istala.
More from Benjamin? Check out his previous single ‘Tanssin Yksin‘.

You can find ‘Orgasmi’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist.

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