SONG: Benjamin – ‘Juon Sut Pois’

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What’s this? The brand new single from Finnish artist Benjamin.
Benjamin who? Peltonen! Of Benjamin fame.
Christ he’s looking and sounding a bit different isn’t he? All part of a massive sonic reinvention he’s just successfully pulled off. He’s now singing in his native Finnish, and sounding a lot more grown-up too.
What’s the new single like? ‘Juon Sut Pois’ is huge. Big melody, grand production, a bit of an epic all-round really. We love this new Benjamin.
Written by? Benjamin himself, along with Arttu Istala, Iiro Paakkari, and Iivari Suosalo. Produced by Jaron & Istala.
More from Benjamin? This is actually the second single of his new reinvention. The first was ‘Naarmuja‘. Though we actually weren’t very fond of that one, truth be told.

You can find ‘Juon Sut Pois’ on our Best New Pop playlist.


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