What’s this? Benjamin Ingrosso is back! And he’s singing for us in English again. This is an excellent new tune of his out today, ‘Afterlife’.
What’s so excellent about it? Melodically it’s stunning, lyrically it’s captivating, and production-wise it brings to mind the best of Sweden from yesteryear and today – ABBA and Vargas & Lagola respectively. There is a hell of a lot to love here!
Written by? Benjamin Ingrosso, Jacob Werner and Markus Sepehrmanesh.
More from Benjamin? ‘Afterlife’ is actually the b-side to a new single of his out today, ‘Queens’. ‘Queens’ is also very good. But ‘Afterlife’ is our new jam.

You can find both ‘Afterlife’ and ‘Queens’ right at the very top of our Best New Pop playlist.

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