What’s this? The brand-new single from Finnish artist Benjamin. He’s back with his sexuality in capitalised form – ‘GAY’.
What’s it like? If the song is GAY then the tone is CAMP! He’s deployed the kind of production that even BWO may have balked at for being too ostentatious. But he’s pulled it off tremendously. It’s got elaborate theatrics crammed  into every second of its perfect three-minute length. And of course – you can’t have ‘GAY’ without a great big key change.
Written by? Benjamin himself, along with Atso Soivio, Iivari Suosalo, Joonas Keronen and Maija Vilkkumaa.
More from Benjamin? Check out his disco-fabulous previous single – ‘N-Y-T‘.

You can find ‘GAY’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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