What’s this? Danish duo Ben & Tan should have been marking this weekend by representing their native Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song ‘Yes’. But alas, that’s not going ahead now, for obvious reasons. So instead, Ben & Tan are keeping things moving and putting out their second single, the follow-up to ‘Yes’. This is ‘Summer Nights’, released today.
What’s it like? ‘Summer Nights’ is actually a cover of a Danish classic from 1988 called ‘Stjernenat’ (‘Starry Night’, originally written and released by Danish folk singer Johnny Madsen). Ben & Tan’s version has been produced by Emil Lei, who co-wrote and produced ‘Yes’.
So it’s a similar sound? It is, but not only that, it’s actually taking that sound to an even higher level. If you loved the punchy, catchy, rip-roaring style of ‘Yes’, then you’ll find plenty to love with ‘Summer Nights’ too. We hope to hear a lot more from Ben & Tan after this – on the strength of their first two singles, they could quite easily become Denmark’s answer to Sweden’s Smith & Thell and Iceland’s Of Monsters & Men. ‘Summer Nights’ is the best possible foot forward they could have taken.

You can find ‘Summer Nights’ on our Best New Pop playlist.


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