SONG: AWA – ‘Like I Do’

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What’s this? It’s the brand-new single from Swedish artist AWA – ‘Like I Do’.
What’s it like? An endearingly confident and self-assured song that hits you across the face because it knows that you won’t mind it one bit. It exudes conviction not just in its lyrics, but also in its smooth yet relentlessly pounding production. And in the fact that it feels like it can repeat the chorus an obscene amount of times cos you won’t get bored. Spoiler – you don’t.
What does AWA say? “I wrote ‘Like I Do’ to remind myself that the love for myself is always the most important and that you got you until the end of time. Not trying to get validation from others, because I’ve realised it’s simply just a waste of time and can get you into a rut of self-doubt and spiral into negative thinking. Validation is simply for parking lol. I’m still on my journey of self-love and feeling fully secure in myself, so whenever I need to remind myself that I’m “THAT B**TCH” I listen to this song”
Written by? AWA herself, along with Kwaku Kusi and Anton Rudi.
More from AWA? There’s a debut EP on the way from AWA in early 2020, which will feature this, ‘Comfortable‘ and ‘F**kin Love Songs‘.

You can find ‘Like I Do’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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