Well this is quite the pairing! And thankfully, this is quite the song, too.
That is quite the relief. Two of Norway’s biggest pop exports – Astrid S and Dagny – have paired up to collaborate on a new single together. And it’s out today. ‘Pretty’.
What’s it like? Dreamy pop music with an emphasis on giving us some proper euphoria for that chorus. It’s an Astrid S and Dagny collaboration, but it sounds like it could have been lifted from the highlights of either Astrid or Dagny’s most recent albums. So if you enjoyed either of those, then it’s fair to assume that you’re gonna love this. Two of our favourite popstars proving once more that they know their way around a pop song.
Written by? Astrid S, Dagny, Cato Sundberg, Kent Sundberg and Lasse Michelsen.

You can find ‘Pretty’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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