SONG: Arvingarna – ‘Never Going Home’

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Oh nice, a new Arvingarna bop! Well, in one sense – yes. It’s a song from their new album ‘Tänker Inte Alls Gå Hem’, which came out at the weekend. But it’s not *such* a new song – it’s actually the English-language recording of their Melodifestivalen hit of the same name from March.
‘Tänker Inte Alls Gå Hem’. In English. Have they caved to intense fan pressure and gone with the smut? Would you believe, they haven’t. And so instead of ‘Take It Up The Ass, Go Home‘, we now have ‘Never Going Home’. For an all-round more family-friendly listening experience.
Is there not even a hint of double entendre? Just the tip, so to speak? Nada. The only thing these chaps are interested in doing all night – based on these lyrics – is capped at dancing and general larking about. And if they do come home, it won’t be through the back door.
Fair. And how’s the song? This tune would bang hard (woah – steady) in any language. Play it loud for maximum joy.
Any other bangers on the album? So as well as the English and Swedish-language versions of this song, there are also two songs that we’ve raved about on here before, and which you must check out if you’ve yet to – ‘Sommar Igen‘ and ‘Säg Att Du Är Min‘. And we’re also rather fond of the Nanne Grönvall co-penned ‘Låt Inget Störa Oss Ikväll’. You can listen to the full album right here.

You can find ‘Never Going Home’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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