New Anton Ewald songs? He’s been busy. And in May, Anton Ewald will release a brand new EP ‘Studio 18’. It’s the third EP of his career, but will be his first EP recorded in Swedish. On Monday morning, Anton dropped by Nyhetsmorgon to perform two songs from the EP – ‘Okej’ and ‘Du och Jag’.
What are they like? A continuation of the r&b sound that he gave us on his previous EP, ‘On My Way’. Slowed down to give a more soulful flavour. Although probably not TOO indicative of how the EP recordings will sound, since they were performed in an acoustic setting on Nyhetsmorgon.
Who has he been working with on the EP? Leslie Tay, Amr Badr, Sonny Fahlberg, Simon Johansson and Robin Bengtsson (aka B Robin, who provides back-up for Anton in the performances below).
What else is Anton up to at the moment? He’s also been working on English language tunes – which will be coming out after ‘Studio 18’. See, we told you – he’s been busy!
Anything else? He’s the featured vocalist on the new single by DJ Mirko, ‘Higher’. But the less said about that, the better. It’s by far and away the worst thing he’s ever put his name to. We can’t imagine what he was thinking when he agreed to record it. He must have been on some form of illegal substance….
Drugs? Anton Ewald? Never! Well actually, on Monday’s Nyhetsmorgon he did admit to trying cocaine (and within a few seconds was gushing about ‘Higher’ – oh Anton!). But he posted an Instagram message to fans afterwards apologising for what he said had been a big mistake.



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