SONG: Anna Sahlene – ‘Champion’

A new Anna Sahlene single at three minutes in length. Is something is happening? Something is happening.
What’s happening? Eurovision 2022 will mark 20 years since Anna Sahlene competed for Estonia with the song ‘Runaway’, giving them a third-place finish, and one the country has yet to improve upon. And so next year, to mark the anniversary, she’d like to return.
And what does she need to do to achieve this? Win Estonia’s national final selection, Eesti Laul, which has already kicked off. This is the song she’s entering with – ‘Champion’.
Nice title. Can she do it? Well last night she competed in the third quarter final – and made it through to the semi finals. So she’s on her way.
What’s the song like? A rousing battle-cry of uplifting positivity, laced with the kind of OTT drama that only a diva who has spent a couple of decades occasionally serving in the trenches of national final season can expect to pull off.
Written by? Anna herself, along with Dagmar Oja, Kaire Vilgats and Nicklas Eklund.
More from Anna? Earlier this year she released a truly sublime schlager parody – ‘Filmen Om VĂ¥rt Liv‘.

You can find ‘Champion’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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