What’s this? He made his debut to a wider Sweden back in February, when he competed in Melodifestivalen 2022. And now Angelino is back with the follow-up single. He extends his introduction to us with ‘You Made Me Do’.
What’s it like? Well this introduction to himself that he’s serving just keeps getting ever more endearing. With ‘You Made Me Do’, he shows us another side to his sound – delivering an up-tempo pop tune with a sing-along chorus containing admirable amounts of SASS in its lyrics. We did not expect that. But we like that it’s transpired.
Written by? The artist himself, along with Linnea Deb, Michael Robinson and Tom Mårtensson.
More from Angelino? That Melodifestivalen tune ‘The End‘ was a bit of a beaut that deserved better, wasn’t it?

You can find ‘You Made Me Do’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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