What’s this? One month on from the Melodifestivalen final, and runner-up Anders Bagge has released a remix of his almost-did-it entry ‘Bigger Than The Universe’. Courtesy of the always wonderful SoundFactory.
Are we allowed to like that song now? Now that it’s no longer a threat to Cornelia Jakobs’ Melodifestivalen win, yes we are allowed to like it now. And now that we can enjoy it, oh my, isn’t it just wonderful?!
It’s sooooo good! What’s this new version like? ‘Banger Than The Universe’ by Anders Banger.
Fair. We particularly like the drums that sound like they’ve been inspired by the extended version of ‘Chain Reaction’ by Steps. The high-campery of it all.

You can find ‘Bigger Than The Universe’ (SoundFactory Alcatraz ClubMix) on our Best New Dance playlist.

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