(photo: Estera Johnsrud)

What’s this? The brand new single from Norwegian artist Alida, following on from last year’s brill ‘Cool With It‘. It’s ‘Something About You’.
What does Scandipop say? Once again, Alida has altered her sound and style slightly for a new single. ‘Something About You’ is perhaps her most pure POP release to date. And obviously we’re loving this artistic direction.
What does Alida say? “‘Something About You’ is a fun and energetic little tribute to all lovebirds out there <3 It’s the kind of song that just makes you happy, and that takes you back to that awkward and overwhelming feeling when you’re crushing over someone but you have no idea what to do or what to say, and you can’t think of anything else.”
Written by? Says Alida; “I made it together with Max Thulin and Petter Tarland AKA Professor P in Stockholm. It was actually our first time working together and we had a blast in the studio trying out all kinds of stuff. The result was this goofy little gem.”

You can find ‘Something About You’ on our Best New Pop playlist.


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