What’s this? Following on from her comeback earlier in the year with ‘I Trance’ and ‘Limelight’, Agnes is back with a brand-new single and video. ‘Nothing Can Compare’.
What’s it like? An epic, string-laden slice of disco-fabulousness, on which we get to hear her bare her soul.
What does Agnes say? “Follow me to a dark space and flashing lights. We can dance away the pain far away from the autumn cold.”
Written by? Agnes herself, along with Salem Al Fakir, Vincent Pontare and Alexander Ryberg.
More from Agnes? A whole EP? Well, this new single, plus the previous two tracks, plus an intro, two interludes and an instrumental track, but she’s a super-creative now. And this is her creation.

You can find ‘Nothing Can Compare’ on our Best New Dance playlist.


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