SONG: Agnes – ‘Love And Appreciation’

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What’s this? Agnes isn’t yet finished with the ‘Magic Still Exists’ album. And rightfully so. Today she’s released the new single from it – the radio edit of ‘Love And Appreciation’.
And how will it sound on the radio? Transmitting words of inspiration and affirmation into the homes of millions will only serve to make this world a better place. Of course it helps that these mantras are dressed up in sumptuous strings and backed by an irresistible wave of disco decadence. She’s not done imparting her wisdom and sharing her spiritual sounds just yet.
What does Agnes say?‘Love And Appreciation’ is about being as close to your own core as possible. It does not have to make life easier, but it makes it more meaningful. Each of us is a universe, flowing and impacting our surroundings – we have the capacity for so much if we only get and give ourselves the right conditions. Shine on baby!

You can find ‘Love And Appreciation’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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