SONG: Ace of Base – ‘Would You Believe’

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Erm?…… We know, right!
What What What? Next month Ace of Base are releasing a new album called ‘Hidden Gems’. As the title suggests, it’s a collection of previously unreleased songs and also some of the rarer b-sides throughout the four studio albums that spanned a decade. And WHAT a decade that was.
So what’s ‘Would You Believe’s story? ‘Would You Believe’ is an unreleased track from the ‘Da Capo’ era. It’s track one on the new album, plus it’s one of the two instant grat tracks that fans can download now if they pre-order the album (the other one being ‘Into The Night Of Blue’ – a b-side from the ‘Flowers’ era). Today Ace of Base released a lyric video for ‘Would You Believe’ – so it looks like they’re using this song to promote the album.
And what’s it like? It’s a summery pop, reggae-lite, up-tempo romp of a number. It sort of sounds like Ace of Base harking back to their youth. And we can sort of see why it was dropped from ‘Da Capo’. Not because it’s not any good – it is – but more because it doesn’t really fit in with anything else on there. It’s good that it’s finally coming out now though.


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