Sommarkrysset: Week 9’s guests!


The penultimate Sommarkrysset was last night, with a big ol’ pop line-up featuring three singers who have all graced these pages before – Darin, David Lindgren, and Miss Li.

All three artists performed their most recent singles – ‘Nobody Knows’, ‘Rendezvous’, and ‘My Heart Goes Boom’ respectively. Darin and Miss Li of course will both be appearing on a lot more Saturday nights on TV4 soon, when they star in the next series of Så Mycket Bättre.

Highlights are below, and all that other stuff is over at TV4’s Sommarkrysset website.

Darin: ‘Nobody Knows’

David Lindgren: ‘Rendezvous’

David Lindgren: ‘You’re The Voice’

Miss Li: ‘My Heart Goes Boom’


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