Sommarkrysset: Week 3’s guests!


Last night’s Sommarkrysset took place in a rainy Grona Lund in Stockholm, with the usual offering of top notch pop

Our favourite pop girlies Timoteij headlined proceedings by performing two songs – their latest single ‘Ta Mig Till Sommaren’ and a cover of the wonderfully titled ‘Oh, Vilken Härlig Dag’.

Lilla Sällskapet further managed to endear themselves to us last night, not just by turning in a rendition of their TUNE of a new single ‘Jag Vill Ut‘, but by the devilishly hot lead singer Erik Nordström parading around in those shorts, and in a t-shirt that read “GAY. OK”. We’re not sure what exactly he was trying to say, but either way it’s a positive message, and the world could do with more of those.

And Pernilla Wahlgren – she chose to perform, erm, ‘She Works Hard For The Money’. Right.

Highlights streaming below, and the whole thing in all its glory over at TV4’s website here.

Timoteij: ‘Ta Mig Till Sommaren’

Timoteij: ‘Oh, Vilken Härlig Dag’

Lilla Sällskapet: ‘Jag Vill Ut’

Pernilla Wahlgren: ‘She Works Hard For The Money’


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