Sommarkrysset: The recent performances!


Another three weeks of Sommarkrysset on Saturday night TV, means another three weeks of performances from Swedish pop stars flogging their latest wares. Let’s have a catch up, shall we?

Below you can watch Swedish boyband hysteria reach extreme levels, and question if you are happy to sacrifice a live vocal for a superb dance routine for an amazing pop song. We certainly are. There’s also Amanda Fondell performing her new single which we wrote about earlier this week, schlager from Magnus Carlsson and Alcazar (alas, not together….yet), new tunes from Sonja Aldén, Norlie & KKV, and Brolle, and hits from Danny Saucedo, Miriam Bryant and *shudders* Sean Banan.

More performances from Sommarkrysset earlier in its season, here and here.

The Fooo: ‘Build A Girl’

Amanda Fondell: ‘Let The Rain Fall’

Danny Saucedo: ‘Todo El Mundo’

Magnus Carlsson: ‘Glorious’

Alcazar: ‘ABBA Medley’

Sonja Aldén: ‘Omkring Tiggarna Från Luossa’

Miriam Bryant: ‘Push Play’

Norlie & KKV: ‘Faller’

Brolle: ‘Djävulen’

Sean Banan: ‘Copacabana’

Sean Banan: ‘Gotteland’


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