Sometimes Remembered

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So, Agnes then!

Well there’s lots we have to say about what’s happened to her UK career in the last couple of weeks, or more who and what’s to blame for it, but we’re saving that for another day when we’re feeling a little bit more vitriolic!

For now, let’s focus on the positive. A video has emerged for the English language version of ‘Sometimes I Forget’. Of course that song was in English initially, but a video was only ever made for the French language version of the song, as up until now, it had only ever been released as a single in France. In our last interview with her though, she said that it would probably be the next single in Sweden, so we imagine that this video is for that purpose. And perhaps it’ll be the next single in other European territories too.

We’re very happy with this, not least because it means that we’re going to get some (probably) superb remixes of the beautifully crafted ballad. An unofficial one emerged on youtube earlier in the year that’s a fairly enjoyable fair, whilst still sounding very much of the unofficial standard.

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