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Two words that seriously get us going when they’re used in a sentence together! So viewing the below pieces of footage pleased us greatly.

Ok, first we have the first ever TV performance of ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ in America, which took place last week on Jimmy Kimmel live. Robyn’s been soldiering on with her attempts at ‘breaking’ America with her ‘Body Talk’ for the last few months now, and admirably so. We love seeing her pop up on high profile US TV shows (see also her performance of ‘Dancing On My Own’ on Ellen, also last week, and also below). And while she might not exactly have a hit single on her hands over there just yet (not since the nineties, anyway!), she’s still making a little something of herself. The ‘Body Talk’ album trilogy has now sold over 100,000 units combined in the US, and she’ll be opening for Katy Perry on her huge tour of America this summer, so that number is only going to keep on rising.

Going back to the ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ footage, we must mention that our favourite bit is the middle eight when she does her trademark mad Robyn dancing. And we also have a bit of a crush on the drummer with the blonde dreadlocks. He’s nice. Looking.

NEXT we have two superb hour-long features that SVT televised this month. The first is her Stockholm concert which took place in December. Most Robyn fans will have an idea of what to expect from a Robyn concert, and it’s all in here. The second is a documentary special, which features contributions from Kleerup, Klas Åhlund, and others, PLUS you get to see her parents! Our favourite bit though is when she talks candidly and honestly about her pre-‘Robyn’ career. We love how she doesn’t rubbish it, but has a total respect for it, and therefore a respect for her older fans too. You can watch the concert here and the documentary here.

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