Some live action from Sheelah…

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Swedish pop duo Sheelah performed at a VIP party (how very Sheelah!) in Stockholm over Melodifestivalen weekend. We’ve been watching these girls very closely recently thanks to their amazing debut single ‘Psycho’, and their even better second single ‘The Last Time’. They’re clearly on the right side of pop. So we were glad to see that some footage from this small gig was uploaded to youtube this week. Now, normally we wouldn’t write a website post based around some non-HQ recordings of performances that have emerged on youtube. However, with Sheelah, we’re going to make an exception for three reasons;

  • The quality of the recordings are actually quite watchable
  • We met Sheelah over the weekend and they were very nice to us, thanking us for all of the coverage that scandipop has given them before. So it sort of compels us to continue with said coverage!
  • TV shows aren’t exactly queueing up to have them on and performing right now, so for the moment, this is the best we’re gonna get unfortunately.

They told us at the weekend that they are just a few songs short of an album, but that they hope to have one completed soon. And the great news is that they’ve made a few more songs with Tony Nilsson, who did ‘The Last Time’.

Below you can see ‘The Last Time’, ‘Psycho’, and also a song from their previous incarnation as a pop trio, Caracola, ‘Smiling In Love’.

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