Well, it’s not exactly going swimmingly for the UK release of ‘I Need You Now’. Released to iTunes on Sunday, it’s been climbing steadily up their top 100 chart since then. But only this afternoon did it break the top 50 – at number 49. By contrast, ‘Release Me’ was already in the top 3 at this stage in the week when it was released earlier in the year.

In the official chart, the first set of midweeks were revealed today. Through to a technical error, ‘I Need You Now’ is occupying two positions on the chart – number 51 and number 116. However, when you add the two together (as will happen before Sunday’s chart), its sales put it just inside the top 40 at number 38.

We can’t realistically see it falling outside of the top 40 before Sunday, unless its sales start to drop – which is unlikely, given that it’ll be on the BBC Radio 1 B-List until the end of the week at least. The big question though, is how much further it’s going to climb before Sunday – enough for it to make the top 30? The top 20? Well currently it’s on 2,403 sales – the song at 30 is on 3,198, and the song at 20 is 4,733.

Ley’s hope that viewers of this afternoon’s Alan Titchmarsh’s show are impressed!

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