‘Moshi Moshi’

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  • Post category:News / Preview / Release twitter have got a new single and video out. They’re a Swedish girl duo who make music that is not so much “big in Japan”, more “big on the Japanese arcade game circuit”. But whatever way you look at it, it’s pure, unashamed, unadulterated, upside-down-bouncing-off-the-ceiling pop music that hasn’t been made by all that many artists since the bubblegum genre’s prime era in the late 90’s and early 00’s. And for that reason, we squeal with glee a little for each new release.

This is Swedish cheese dressed up as Japanese bubblegum. A cacophony of flavours that have been pumped full of e-numbers, artificial colourings, and preservatives. Yum!

Obviously, it’s sickly sweet. But a deserved treat nonetheless. And they’ve even shoehorned in a key change for that final sugar coated thrill.

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