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When it comes to learning the ropes of online gaming, especially with slot games, one of the first words you will hear in the industry lingo is likely to be symbols. Of course, at that point, you will be at an early stage of your slot gaming life so you will not really know what the significance of these little things really is. 

All Wizard Slots game have symbols, and these represent different things like bonuses and values. There are some commonalities between them all – for example with one slot game the more low value symbols will be in the form of playing cards, as is, you could say, tradition in the slot game world. Other symbols will be more wanted, like the Wilds and scatters which can give you many benefits like big jackpots if you get a winning combo and also free spins. 

Common high value symbols 

As we have learned with low paying symbols, there are other symbols out there in the online slot gaming world which are common and are among the more high value symbols. These include the Lucky 7s, diamonds, bars, and bells, and they usually have a high value amount attached to them, so you will want to look out for them because these are the ones that will net you plenty of pounds should you win. 

It is interesting to note that these symbols have their heritage in a more traditional place. Originally, the lucky 7s diamonds, and bar and bell symbols would have been seen on a classic mechanical slot machine, and so there must be some significance in relation to that as to how they are more high paying than other symbols in these days of online gaming. 

Common low value symbols 

Just as with the high value symbols, there are certain resemblances in low value symbols across the board of slot games out there. Usually they are generic animals or characters in themed slots games that just bear little to no significance. They are also normally the playing card values you can see in slot games or casinos out there most of the time – like J, K, A and so on. Avoid these and focus on the higher value symbols as they are usually not worth the time. 

The significance of wilds 

Talking about the symbols of high value, the slot symbols to wish for in almost if not definitely every online slot game are the wilds. You will normally know what symbols are the wilds in any game straight away as they are normally labelled as the wild. These symbols give out plenty of perks and bonuses and it is worth a lot as it can also pay out more than other symbols. 

In conclusion, it is best to simply always enjoy the slot game that you are playing with and just have fun. But sometimes, we do play to win, and when that happens your best to hedge your bets on the wild symbol over any others.

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