Sisse Marie (with Jay Adams & TooManyLeftHands): ‘Paralyzed’

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One of our favourite Danish dancepop crooners Sisse Marie has contributed to a spiffing new track that’s out over there right now.

She’s collaborated with Jay Adams and TooManyLeftHands (no idea who either of them are, sorry) on ‘Paralyzed. Actually, we suppose that those two are the producers of the track, since Sisse is providing the vocals. Ok yeah, that makes sense.

‘Paralyzed’ is slightly different to Sisse’s recent singles. Still very much dancepop, but ‘Paralyzed’ has a dreamier, trancier atmosphere for the verses and bridge. And then it proceeds to ALL GO OFF for the chorus. So yes, both ends of the spectrum, with Sisse in the middle restoring all balance. It’s really good!

Actually, it sort of sounds like a sped up version of another song that we wrote about a few months back – ‘The Right Words‘ by Alf Tumble and Halina. Yeah?

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Paralyzed - Single - Sisse Marie, Jay Adams & TooManyLeftHands


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