Sisse Marie: ‘Dirty Hands’ & ‘Kill For Your Love’ – live!

sissemariekfyl e1329811396383

The Danish Deejay Awards took place a few weeks ago in Copenhagen. And one of the star performers on the night was Sisse Marie who has recently wowed with two dancepop singles, ‘Dirty Hands‘ and ‘Kill For Your Love‘. On the night, she performed a medley of the two. We hadn’t ever seen her perform these songs live, so this was a welcome turn of events.

Like most things in the Danish music industry, this is all done on a very big scale. A massive stage in a massive arena that they’ve managed to cram full of thousands upon thousands of people who would very much like to ‘have it large’ to some huge beats. That’s a lot of big, right there. And it all begins with that enormous bassline that makes ‘Dirty Hands’ so great.

Sisse might be a little scarce on the live vocals, but it’s an enjoyable watch for all of the reasons outlined above.

Also worth a look from the same night, is the set by Pegboard Nerds. They did a medley of some of their recent tracks, but skip to the 3:38 point for a small bit of the AMAZING ‘Ingen Anden Drøm’ featuring Anne Linnet that we wrote about a few months back.

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