Sirena: ‘Don’t Fear The Water’

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SirenaDFTW e1384598429972

Remember that Sirena girl we wrote about back in June? Or more specifically, her debut single ‘Love Is Not‘? Well the Swedish newcomer is back with her second single and video, ‘Don’t Fear The Water’.

For a song that’s called ‘Don’t Fear The Water’, we love that it contains a chorus that explodes with the line “DIVE IN, DIVE IN, WHERE YOU NEVER HAVE BEEN“. We don’t know why we love it, we just do. The rest of the song is a pretty subdued, spaced out affair – accentuated by some gorgeous harmonies. And then there’s that aforementioned exploding chorus, which is what gives the song its life. And paired with the earlier ‘Love Is Not’, it lines up Sirena as one of the better debutantes to Swedish pop music this year.

‘Don’t Fear The Water’ is out now and has been released outside of Sweden too.



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