Reykjavik Pride last month unveiled the official theme song to this year’s festival. And it’s a treat, folks! ‘Surrender’ by Sigga Beinteins.

It’s like a great big gay anthem from the late 90s. Discopop with strings aplenty and a stonking, unsubtle key change. Not to mention the heart wrenching vocal that’s pouring out over the top of it. You’ve heard this one a thousand times before. But admit it – you wanna hear it again.

SOME will know Sigga from the Eurovision Song Contest, where she represented her country THREE times. 1990 when she finished 4th, 1992 when she finished 7th, and 1994 when she finished 12th.

And what is gay pride if not a Nordic serial Eurovision representative turning up twenty years later with a dance beat to sing the official theme. <3 thanks to @hyattcoolum on twitter who tweeted this tip-off us. we are eternally grateful.

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