SICI: ‘Fire’

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SICIFire e1385540138772

Here’s the debut single from a new Finnish pop band. SICI (capitalisation artist’s own). ‘Fire’ is the song.

It’s a quirky pop gem that bounces and squelches its way through a song length that’s just short of three minutes – as if to accentuate its suitability for Eurovision that little bit more. And it seems that the group themselves are as aware as anyone else, about how WTF and OMG they sound. When describing themselves, they state; “Beatboxing, guitar slamming, tough bassin’ and diva-like singing. This fantastic four has the most unique sound of todays pop scene. A burrito with Jamiroquai, Beyoncé and Michael Jackson as fillings“.

Their sound (based on ‘Fire’) is completely genre unidentifiable. There’s everything from glam rock to vintage Italian in there. But the kitchen sink styling contributes to an overall charm, rather than an annoyance. Although actually that’s probably dependent on the listener. See which one you fall under;


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