Sibel featuring Lazee: ‘The Fall’

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Here’s the brand new single from Sibel. And if you thought that ‘Stop’ was a departure from her old sound, wait until you hear this!

It’s bass heavy, beat heavy, and rap heavy. With an unadministered dose of attitude. It’s a full on club track, best compared to the likes of Red One, ‘Saturday’ by Basshunter, or recent Cascada. So naturally, we’re enjoying it immensely!

Lyrically, it’s all about Sibel’s descent into substance induced delirium – and about how much she’s enjoying it. She orders the listener to leave her alone, to allow her to fall, and to ”let me pass out”. Brilliant! And anyone who follows Sibel’s blogging efforts, or has seen her photos of nights out over the last year, will know that these lyrics aren’t superficial or exaggerated – this is the theme to her life!

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