She’s back!

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Who could forget that colourful spectacle from the Eurovision Song Contest 2007? DQ represented Denmark with ‘Drama Queen’ – a camp schlager anthem that we still listen to more than happily today. To our ears, it’s a Eurovision classic of a certain kind. And we could happily sit through a DQ entry at the contest every year.

So we were very happy to learn today that the Danish drag artist is planning her return to Eurovision. She will be competing to represent Switzerland at the 2011 contest with the song ‘Take My Heart’, credited as Auf Hi’Dee featuring DQ. And we were even happier to discover that she’s sticking to more of the same. Unashamedly camp schlager.

You can listen to the song here.

To some people, that’s gonna sound awful. And even some schlager fans will probably listen to it and think that it’s bottom-of-the-barrel, by-numbers, lowest-common-denominator schlager. But let us tell you what WE hear when we listen to it;


So yeah, we’re pretty happy with it.

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