Remember those Buzz Junkies and Moto Blanco remixes of September’s current single, ‘Resuscitate Me’, that we reviewed earlier this month?

Well now you can have a listen to them below. Released in Scandinavia last week, the ‘Resuscitate Me’ single has been consistently selling well in Sweden in particular, at one point yesterday even joining another September track, ‘Mikrofonkåt‘, in the iTunes top 3 – giving September the rare honour of having two songs in the Swedish iTunes top 3. International release dates will be confirmed soon.

We’re still totally in love with the Buzz Junkies remix since that earlier review by the way! The middle eight alone represents commercial dance music at its absolute best as far as we’re concerned. It’s euphoria personified!

The top one is the Buzz Junkies remix, the second one, the Moto Blanco remix.

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