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Back in February this year, we interviewed the lovely September for this website. We asked her lots and lots about her music and she gave us lots and lots of insightful answers in return. One of the most well recieved and talked about nuggets of info that she gave was the fact that she’d just completed the single that was going to be released in the UK this summer, just before her first UK album. It was to be the first time in her five year career that she would release a brand new single in both the UK, and her native Scandinavia. This is a favourable move, because such territorial consistency in an album campaign means that the artist can hop from country to country and perform their promotional duties with a lot less confusion and a bit more ease. Plus, the longterm/pre-‘Cry For You’ fans were delighted that they were finally getting a new song from her.

A couple of months later on the Dance Nation tour, September debuted this new single. It was called ‘Leave It All Behind’. Videos were recorded on mobile phones, then uploaded to youtube, and for the last month or so, there’s been quite a buzz on pop and dance music internet forums about the song. Most, in fact almost all the reactions we read were very positive. Some were ecstatic, and expressed their impatience, wondering when the HQ studio version would be unveiled. Many commented that it was just as good, if not better, than her massive hit ‘Cry For You’. But everyone agreed that it was great that she was releasing a new song as her next single, as opposed to an older song from her catalogue that we’d had in our collections for years.


Hard2Beat, her UK label, announced today that in fact ‘Leave It All Behind’ wouldn’t be the new single. Instead, it’ll be a UK remix of ‘Until I Die’, the fan favourite from her 2007 album ‘Dancing Shoes’. Hmmmmm. We love ‘Until I Die’. We’re even in the minority amongst her hardcore fans in that we actually really like the UK remixes her singles have been getting, and the UK restyling she’s had in her videos. But why on Earth did Hard2Beat change their minds about ‘Leave It All Behind’? It’s had an enviable response online, and anticipation for its release was high.

September+ +Until+I+Die

Hopefully the UK remix of ‘Until I Die’ is going to be something very special. The majority of her fans really haven’t been happy with the new versions of ‘Can’t Get Over’ and ‘Cry For You’. And just this evening, internet forums are already ‘buzzing’ with disgruntlement and annoyance at the prospect of a UK remix of one of their favourite September tracks.

We’ll keep an open mind of course. But we’re just rather worried that if ‘Can’t Get Over’ couldn’t penetrate the top 10 in the UK, then ‘Until I Die’ might be fated to an even lower position. The last thing we want is September being dropped and the UK not getting an album!

For now though, Hard2Beat have promised ‘Until I Die’ for July 20th, and the album, ‘Cry For You – The Album’ a July 27th release date.

Fingers crossed they both become the hits they deserve to.



Actually, five minutes after posting this, we revisited this video……



……..and realised that it’s probably not such a bad idea after all. How could this song NOT be a hit? It’s ruddy amazing!

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