September’s latest televisual treat!

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septemberPUFF 1333387aSeptember has hopefully been spending the weekend celebrating, after her new album ‘Love CPR’ debuted at number 1 on the Swedish album charts on Friday. It wasn’t a surprise of course, given that the album managed to clock up 20,000 sales after only three days on release, but it was a lovely sight to behold anyway.

She took some time out of celebrating though, to appear on Swedish television show, Go’Kv√§ll, yesterday evening. On there, she performed the still very wonderful ‘Resuscitate Me’, backed with a live band and the song’s usual studio synths also. And it’s been slightly altered too. We particularly liked this version, as the almighty string section running throughout the song appears to have been turned up louder than normal, with some new string intricacies being added to the song, particularly on the second verse. Plus, on the choruses, she focuses more on the harmony than on the original melody, which adds a nice touch of variation to a song which we’ve all been used to hearing in its original tune for the last four months. And on top of this, it’s given a brand new dosage of guitar during the middle eight.

And as usual, September is her usual cute-as-a-button self, and delivers a great vocal. Always a pleasure!

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