Few songs have been raved about (and raved to!) in Sweden over the last 10 days as much as ‘Mikrofonkåt’ by September. And the little phenomenon itself has finally come to its natural conclusion – it’s been released as a single on iTunes and is already sitting at number 1 on there.

This was never expected/supposed to happen of course. It was performed as part of a Saturday night tv show along with several other songs and that was supposed to be that! But reaction to the song has been so huge, and demand so great, that it got a release on iTunes last night. NRJ radio in Sweden have made it their ‘Smash Hit’ – meaning that that’s the song they’ll be playing more than any other this week. And it’s always a nice surprise when something like this happens – less than two weeks ago nobody had ever even heard the song, and today’s it’s a huge sales and radio hit. And it’s particularly gratifying when it’s an artist as great as September!

For the Swedes reading, the studio version of ‘Mikrofonkåt’ has been available to stream on Spotify for the last two days. But for those of you outside of Sweden who still haven’t heard the studio version of it and feel like you’re missing out (and you really HAVE been!!!), you can now stream it below.

On top of all this, plans are still the same for her ACTUAL new single too. ‘Resuscitate Me’ is released on iTunes this Friday as planned. On the same day, at 9am, her website will premiere the brand new video too. And if you go there now you can see a cute countdown that they’ve uploaded! www.septembermusic.se We’re hoping that ‘Mikrofonkåt’s huge success doesn’t take away from ‘Resuscitate Me’. Although we don’t think it will. While NRJ is giving heavy rotation to the former, the even bigger (in Sweden at least) Rix FM is still hammering ‘Resuscitate Me’. So we’re expecting September to have clocked up her second hit in the space of a few days, by the weekend!

Oh, and as the icing on the very large and very sweet cake that has been September’s week, it’s transpired that ‘Cry For You’ has officially sold it’s 500,000th copy in the US this week! So it’s champagne all round at Chez September we’re guessing. And not the cheap stuff either!

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