September: ‘Resuscitate Me’ – the vid!

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september album cover

Ah, the new September video is here!

‘Resuscitate Me’ is released as a single all over Scandinavia today, and to mark the occasion, the video got its premiere at September’s official website this morning.


That amazing contraption that she finds herself in during the first chorus.
Isn’t she looking gorgeous?!
THAT male model
Isn’t HE looking gorgeous?!
The sexy car.
The jubilant dancing that she does near the end, barely able to contain the joy of the realisation of ”OMG, I’M BACK”!

We also like that they didn’t shy away from the resuscitation/CPR/unconscious tones of the lyrics, and included some scenes in a hospital, complete with panicked Doctors and nurses, and a hospital bed linked up to a life support machine. Yes it’s cheesy, but come on, this is a pop vid! That’s exactly what we want.

It’s a perfectly stylish, wonderfully presented video that’s a lot of fun. Just like the lady herself!

And here it is;

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