September: ‘Kärlekens Tunga’

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The latest episode of Så Mycket Bättre went out over the weekend. This time, it was the turn of Plura to have his songs covered by the artists involved in the show, and as always, we got another great performance from September. She took on ‘Kärlekens Tunga’, giving the song her usual dance makeover, but turning it into a more downbeat electro affair. Cool, but also with a hypnotic pulse. She gave a really chilled performance of it too, perfect for the new sound of the song. And we have to say, that pyschadelic middle eight borders on something magical!

‘Kärlekens Tunga’ was released on the Så Mycket Bättre compilation album this week, alongside two other September recordings from the show – ‘Mikrofonkåt’ and ‘Vem Ska Jag Tro På’. Already, ‘Kärlekens Tunga’ has peaked at number 2 on Swedish iTunes – only kept off number 1 by September’s ‘Mikrofonkåt’ which is STILL number 1 on there after almost three straight weeks at the top! What a comeback. Below are those other two tracks, in case you missed them first time we posted them;

Finally………we spotted this on youtube earlier today – somebody has uploaded the Buzz Junkies remix of her new single ‘Resuscitate Me’, and synced it to the original ‘Resuscitate Me’ video, basically creating a vid for the remix too. Worth a look!

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