September & Her Microphone go international!

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September is ready to go international again, and so we have it that ‘Me & My Microphone’ is the new single from her outside of Scandinavia. In the US, Robbins (her record label there) are releasing it as the first track from ‘Love CPR’. And her Swedish label Catchy Tunes also confirmed to us that it will also be released all over the world. The international release dates may well be staggered, and we’re not sure exactly of which countries are getting it. What we are sure of though, is that they’re quite rightly capitalising on the considerable amount of buzz that September has generated over the last four months, and the even bigger buzz that the Swedish language version of the song has got too – the now legendary ‘Mikrofonkåt’.

In Sweden, it’s also getting a release, and the single with nine versions of the song was uploaded to Swedish Spotify yesterday. Below you can see the full tracklisting, and below that, hear the remixes from Casado & Dalf, and Alex Lamb.

01. Me And My Microphone (Original) 02:48
02. Me And My Microphone (Extended) 04:28
03. Me And My Microphone (Casado & Dalf Radio Edit) 03:40
04. Me And My Microphone (Casado & Dalf Remix) 06:22
05. Me And My Microphone (Alex Lamb Radio Edit) 03:39
06. Me And My Microphone (Alex Lamb Remix) 06:45
07. Me And My Microphone (Punchy Radio Edit) 03:46
08. Me And My Microphone (Punchy Remix) 06:11
09. Me And My Microphone (Mick Kastenholt & Andrew Dee Remix) 07:10

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