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A few months back we wrote about the fact that Dutch pop/rock singer Kim Lian has enlisted Linda Bengtzing to help out on the first single to launch Kim’s new album. Well…..here’s the song and video;

We were very excited about this as it was, but quite worried too. Despite the fact that Linda Bengtzing is our number one Swedish diva, we’ve never really enjoyed any of Kim Lian’s musical output. And as the ‘Not That Kinda Girl’ track was going to be a Kim Lian project, we had fears it would be a lot more ‘Teenage Superstar’ than ‘Ja Ljuger Sa Bra’. Thankfully, it’s turned out to be actually quite brilliant. That chorus is amazing isn’t it? It sounds like Max Martin and Dr Luke on a good day! And we’re loving the ”na na na na” chants too – particularly when they’re accompanied by camp marching during the middle eight in the video.

*scream*….welcome back Linda!

Excellent! We’re seriously going to be enjoying the song and video for quite some time we’d imagine. Horrific eye make-up aside.

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