scandipop’s Top 50 Melodifestivalen songs of the last decade! 40 – 31…


In our countdown of our top 50 Melodifestivalen songs of the last decade (to mark ten years of the contest in its current spectacular format!), we continue today with numbers 40 down to 31.

You can see numbers 50 – 41 here.


40. Eric Saade: ‘Manboy‘ (2010)
One of the most iconic Melodifestivalen performances of all time, without a shadow of a doubt. And the song is a classic too. What a debut!

39. Eric Saade: ‘Popular’ (2011)
And from the debut to this perfect follow up, one year later. It’s of a similar style and of a similar quality, but we prefer ‘Popular’ to ‘Manboy’ just that little bit more. We’ll see if Sweden agree next weekend!

38. Sonja Alden: ‘För Att Du Finns’ (2007)
Lyrically, melodically, musically – this is just so beautiful whatever way you look at it. And it’s our second favourite Melodifestivalen ballad of the last ten years.

37. NaNa: ‘Wherever You Go’ (2005)
That voice! This is infectiously upbeat and fun, with a melody that takes you to a very happy place. And did we mention that voice?!

36. Sanna Nielsen: ‘Hela Världen För Mig’ (2003)
The first glimpse we had of Sanna’s great schlager potential. It’s all about the triumphant beats making themselves known in the chorus. And that key change, like so many others on this whole list, takes on a life of its own, such is its might!

35. BWO: ‘Temple Of Love’ (2006)
A massive stomper of a pop track, this is impossible to ignore when you hear it. It commands attention for three minutes, and deserves every second of it.

34. Alcazar: ‘Not A Sinner, Nor A Saint’ (2003)
Alcazar’s Melodifestivalen debut, everything about this is dripping with fabulousness! This should have won in 2003, and we hope that Alcazar continue to re-enter the contest until that wrong is finally righted!

33. Thorleifs: ‘Sweet Kissin In The Moonlight’ (2009)
This is about as schlager as dansband music gets. If you take away his voice and replace it with a girl, this really is such a Linda Bengtzing song isn’t it?!…….Anyone?…..No?!….

32. Jessica Folcker: ‘Om Natten’ (2005)
The bridge of this is phenomenal stuff?! Although poor Jessica takes the prizes for both the worst female outfit and worst female haircut seen in Melodifestivalen this past decade. Just awful! That they didn’t detract even slightly from the song, says A LOT about said song!

31. Shirley Clamp: ‘Min Kärlek’ (2004)
And speaking of misjudged outfits, we move on to this beauty! A schlager classic for so many reasons, and deservedly so – just listen to it!

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