scandipop’s Top 50 Melodifestivalen songs of the last decade! 20 – 11…

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‘Tis getting closer to number 1 now, which means that the songs are getting even more fabulous!

Here’s numbers 20 – 11 in our countdown of our top 50 favourites Melodifestivalen songs of the last decade, to mark the 10 year anniversary of the show in its current format. You can see 50 – 41 here, 40 – 31 here, and 30 – 21 here.


20. Hanson, Carson & Malmqvist: ’C’est La Vie’ (2004)
This quite possibly represents everything that we love about schlager music. Three old dears getting together and having the time of their lives to a camp, HI-NRJ anthem – to an audience of millions of adoring viewers. It’s just amazing, isn’t it?!

19. Måns Zelmerlöw: ’Cara Mia’ (2007)
This was the birth of one of our favourites boys of schlager.And it’s both Måns, plus the song’s composer Fredrik Kempe, at their very very best.

18. Kikki, Bettan & Lotta: ’Vem E Vet Du Vill Ha’ (2002)
As with the number 20 entry, this song is infectiously joyful. The production, the melodies, the instrumentation – and that’s even before you see what’s unfolding on stage!

17. Kikki Danielsson: ’Idag Och Imorgon’ (2006)
Never has a song been so ridiculous and so brilliant at the same time. And again, the staging somehow achieves the impossible of elevating it into even higher levels of absurdity/brilliance!

16. Jenny Silver: ’Something In Your Eyes’ (2011)
This new addition to the schlager hall of fame took elements of many great entries that had gone before it, and created something even more exciting than the sum of its parts. It was love at first sound.

15. Dilba: ‘Try Again’ (2011)
This dancefloor gem brought Melodifestivalen right up to date this year – sounding like a clubland floorfiller of the present, and looking like the clubland of the future. The bassline alone awakens those desperate longings for a night out dancing.

14. Alcazar: ‘Stay The Night’ (2009)
The best thing that Alcazar have ever done. But we hope that they continue to try topping it anyway! It’s immense in so many ways, and that performance is quite mind blowing.

13. Magnus Carlsson: ‘Live Forever’ (2007)
Like a schlager version of a1’s version of ‘Take On Me’. And surely the most shocking 5th place result of all time?! Regardless of its Melodifestivalen result though, it’s gone on to become a Swedish pop classic.

12. Carola: ‘Evighet’ (2006)
The below spectacle is surely THE lesson in how to deliver a schlager performance. And the song could well be used as a blueprint for crafting the perfect schlager anthem. It’s a legend in itself.

11. BWO: ‘Lay Your Love On Me’ (2008)
We love how this commands attention from the opening few seconds, and then refuses to let it go for the remaining three minutes. And that “lay your love…..lay your love……love…on….MEEEEEE” bit is brilliant! BWO’s finest moment, to our ears.

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