scandipop’s Top 10 songs of Eurovision 2011!

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It’s fair to say that there’s a lot of shit to wade through when listening to all of the songs in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. We’re not being unkind, in fact we wish we COULD put a more positive outlook on things. But it’s the truth unfortunately. Out of 43 songs, there are around a dozen or so that are really enjoyable, and then another dozen more that are at least listenable. The rest vary between bland, racket, or just plain TRIPE!

Nevertheless we’ve soldiered through all of them a number of times, as some familiarity always helps us enjoy the contest a lot more once it rolls around in May. There’s a few that we’ve fallen head over heels with, and a few more than we’re really looking forward to seeing on stage at Eurovision. It’s still a disappointing bunch on the whole, but the good ones are really good, and well worth investigating. Although we’ve heard from quite a few friends that the quality does get better once you listen a few more times.

You know by now that we love a good, clear, cohesive list here at scandipop, so we’ve decided to rank our top ten favourite songs of Eurovision 2011. And then present them, in order of course! To our ears, they’re ten cracking songs, and from number 6 upwards we would even use our favourite word on them – ‘amazing’.

If you haven’t started to make your way through all 43 yet, perhaps you can use this list as a good starting point – depending of course on what faith you put in our often questionable taste in music……

eurovision 2011

10. UK
Blue: ‘I Can’

Lucia Perez: ‘Que Me Quiten Lo Bailao’

Jedward: ‘Lipstick’

Dana International: ‘Ding Dong’

Anastasiya Vinnikova: ‘I Love Belarus’

Stella Mwangi: ’Haba Haba’

Amaury Vassili: ’Sognu’

Getter Jaani: ’Rockefeller Street’

Eric Saade: ’Popular’

Kati Wolf: ’What About My Dreams’

Want more?

Here are the others that we’re quite looking forward to seeing on stage in Germany in May; Azerbaijan, Austria, Poland, Slovenia, Denmark, Ukraine, Lithuania, Slovakia, Croatia, and Armenia.

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