scandipop’s Top 10 songs of Eurovision 2010!

So, the Eurovision Song Contest then! As you probably already know, or might have at least guessed, we’re huge fans of this annual celebration of a certain kind of pop music. The 2010 contest takes place at the end of the month in Oslo, Norway. We’ll be heading out there a week before, for a full week of Eurovision – the dress rehearsals, the press conferences, the amazing parties, and of course the three shows themselves; the two semi finals and the grand final. As well as enjoying all that’s going on though, and getting engrossed in all of the music and madness (and it really is quite mental sometimes, but always in good ways), we’ll also be updating this site quite a lot with everything that’s going on out there during that week. And we’ll be updating our twitter ( even more so. So do keep checking back if you’re even remotely interested in the contest.

As for the songs themselves, well, this year has been rather controversial to say the least. In that a lot of Eurovision fans have been complaining about the low quality of the batch of songs that have been selected. It’s true that the songs as a whole aren’t anywhere near some of the stellar years we’ve had in the contest recently (2008, 2006, 2009 for example), but we do think that after a few listens, there are a lot more good songs than the most negative fans would have you believe. There are a handful of absolutely amazing songs, quite a few great ones, some good ones, and yes – a lot of complete and utter toss. But overall, out of the 39 songs competing, we’d say that around half of them are worth your time. Which is fair enough.

It’s very ballad heavy this year, which has been another point of complaint amongst those who have listened to all of the songs ahead of Eurovision week. But there are some genuinely great ballads in there. And whilst there aren’t as many songs for us to dance to in Oslo this year, we don’t think that makes them any less enjoyable to listen to. We think it’s going to be a good year – so long as the good songs make the final of course, but that’s always the condition.

Anyway……….we’ve compiled our ten absolute favourite songs of Eurovision Song Contest 2010, and present them below for you to watch and listen to. If you haven’t started the slightly laborious task of checking out all 39 entries yet, we think this will be a good starting point for you. And below the ten best, are some of our honourable mentions. Enjoy! And let us know if you agree or disagree.

So… no order other than alphabetical, here are scandipop’s Top 10 songs of Eurovision 2010;











And our honourable mentions;

Armenia, Bulgaria, France, Georgia, Greece, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland.

Not bad at all!

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