scandipop’s Top 10 sexiest men in Scandinavian pop music!

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Well we all know by now that Scandinavians make the best pop around. But you’ve also probably already noticed that by and large, they’ve got some of the best genes going around too. We’ve never touched upon it on here before, but let’s face it – Scandinavians are HOT! Both men and women have quite clearly been blessed in the genepool stakes. The cheek bones, the chiselled features, the eyes, the hair…………………we could go on (and we genuinely believe that Scandinavian guys have an advantage in another area of the body too, thanks to some personal research) but we’ll leave it at that!

So it stands to reason that a lot of the folks behind all of this Scandinavian pop that we write about, are very nice to look at, as well as being great to listen to also. With that in mind (and it is in our mind, a lot!) we decided to compile a list of our Top 10 sexiest men in Scandinavian pop music. We might even do a list of the women too, but there are just so many gorgeous women in Scandinavian pop and we wouldn’t know where to start!

It was quite hard (ahem), but here we’ve whittled down our ten favourite guys, and ranked them in order. All down to personal taste of course.


The youngest guy on here. He wouldn’t have made this list last year, but recently he’s become a strapping specimen with an attractive confidence and a gentlemanly friendliness to boot. He’s very much come into his own, and arrived from teeny-bopper icon status into full blown man object!

eric saade 137485480

Here we have the lead singer of Swedish dansband, Scotts. There’s something very wholesomely handsome about this guy. A safe kind of handsome. Corruptible even! But then we also reckon he’s also probably experienced his fair share of corruption already – the quiet ones are the worst, etc etc!

Sang Henrik Stromberg 1

The singer and songwriter of Gothenburg electro group Fibes Oh Fibes. Christian is extremely sexy. Half of his attraction comes from a similarity to the Tom of Finland pornographic artwork. And the other half is that classic fifties Hollywood icon look. What a combination!

fibes press3 foto kallegustafsson

One half of Swedish pop duo Rebound. He’s cute as a button, but also sexy as hell. We had a hug from those arms last month by the way, and can confirm that they’re now even bigger – EEEP!


The dark and brooding look is always a winner, but this gentleman has turned it into an art form. As the front half of Gravitonas he takes to the stage with all the demented swagger of a man possessed. You can tell he’s been to dark places, and oh how nice it would be if he took you there with him!

417060 729 488 1

What we like most about Brolle is the stark juxtaposition of his bad boy looks and nice guy image. The tattoos, the stare, the snarl….he looks like he’d love you then leave you. But we reckon he’s a sweetheart deep down. And that makes us melt a little!

brolle who 124924935

Infernal’s towering specimen of sculptured masculinity! He’s a handsome devil, although you get the impression that he knows it all too well, such is his penchant for becoming shirtless at Infernal gigs. We’re not complaining though – he’s absolutely beautiful.

Paw4 hi

Electric Lady Lab’s crumpet. This great Dane is the shadowy and mysterious sort. Formerly a rocker, he’s now turning his hand to electropop. And it’s those chiselled features, facial hair, and tattoos that make him stand out in Electric Lady Lab’s videos. And with the band’s frontwoman, Stine, as a co-star in every vid, standing out is quite the impressive feat!

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Classically handsome, he’s the archetypal hunk. We’re talking ‘ideal man’ status here. So much so that yes, we can even overlook his involvement in the Nanne Grönvall fiasco at Melodifestivalen 2005!

34291 138032139548798 100000260374239 324147 2015605 n

The oldest guy on the list and yet still our number 1. And perhaps he’s even been our number 1 ever since he first appeared on the scene with Ace of Base back in 1994, we never cared to think about it back then. One thing’s for sure though – this guy only gets better with age. He was hot in 1994, certainly. Then came the bleached blonde and bearded look of the ‘Flowers’ era in 1998 – another winner. Then the blue hair for the Greatest Hits album. And when he went brunette, bespectacled, and tight-shirted for ‘Da Capo’ we fell in lust all over again! Ace of Base of course came back last year with ‘The Golden Ratio’, and although they were an entirely different group essentially, one certainty remained for fans to recognise them by – Ulf Ekberg’s unbelievable, incomparable, awe-inspiring HOTNESS!

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