Scandipopping at Eurovision in Malmö!

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If you’re gonna be heading to Malmö for Eurovision in May, we’ve got something very special lined up for you, which we hope you’ll come along to.

In cooperation with Moriska Paviljongen (also known as “Moriskan”, and this year’s official Euro Café) we’ll be hosting a club night, doubling up as a mini concert, and tripling up as an amazing evening for all in attendance. Taking place on Friday May 17th, the night before the big final. It’s our very own Christmas Eve. Opening at 9pm and running until 5am, we’re gonna be DJ-ing the whole night (and the more lemonades we drink, the better we play – so that last hour or so is gonna be a particular hoot!). Join us, be merry.

We’ll be spinning a selection of Scandinavian pop music, the most tunesome schlager music, and the most appropriate Eurovision music. All with an extra special focus on Melodifestivalen – Sweden’s sublime song competition, and the reason behind the fact we’re all heading to Sweden for Eurovision this year. It’s a Melodifestivalen night. The music all you people come to Sweden to dance to.

On top of this, we’ve also invited along some artists to perform on the night – all three of whom have graced the Melodifestivalen stage themselves. So they’ll fit in nicely.

EddieRazazAlibi e1360928889115First up is Eddie Razaz, fresh from appearing at this year’s Melodifestivalen to launch his debut single ‘Alibi’ – which was composed by the same two gents behind Loreen’s Eurovision winning ‘Euphoria’. We’ve been a longtime supporter of Eddie on this site – from his time in Swedish Idol, during his days as part of REbound, and of course the snippets of his solo work that he previewed exclusively to Scandipop readers before coming out with ‘Alibi’. Plus, when we co-produced the big schlager and pop night of Stockholm Pride last summer, we invited Eddie along to perform a couple of his new songs – and we can thus confirm that he’s an amazing live performer. And let’s face it, he’s pretty fantastic to look at too.

StockholmSyndromeKIF e1364315495674Also on the bill we’ve got the tremendously exciting Stockholm Syndrome girls. We loved both their turns at Melodifestivalen as Love Generation – ‘Dance Alone’ in 2011 and ‘Just A Little Bit’ in 2012. But we’ve loved their reinvention as Stockholm Syndrome even more – sounding like nobody else on the Scandipop soundscape with ‘Pretty Girl’ and ‘Karma’. Therefore, they’ve managed to do what Lady Gaga couldn’t do – sound even better after dropping Red One! Like Razaz, Stockholm Syndrome are another act we had perform at last year’s Stockholm Pride festival. They were a big highlight. They served the looks, they served the moves, they served the clothes (a reduced portion, for those of us watching our their figures), and most importantly, they delivered the songs. We love these girls. And if you don’t already, well you will after seeing them perform live.

Finally, we’ve got our very own #BigReunion lined up. We’re bringing sexy back. We’re bringing Pay TV back. Same thing. The last time you’ll have seen these girls was when they left Swedes agog with their performances at Melodifestivalens 2004 and 2005. Everyone knows ‘Trendy Discotheque’, everyone remembers ‘Refrain Refrain’, but these girls have been all too scarce on the pop scene since then. They need another airing. We need to see them again. Will they come back for us? Oh yes they will! The costly Claudia Cash, the no-nonsense Neena Fatale and the captivating Chanelle Ferrari are reuniting for this gig. And at least now we can right the wrongs of 2004 and 2005, and say that Pay TV have finally made it to Eurovision (they were too ahead of their time).


The big night is all part of Moriskan’s massive two week schedule that takes in more than 50 events, and is hosting appearances from this year’s artists, as well as acts like Linda Martin, Hera Björk, Bobbysocks, and Glen Vella. Here’s their full schedule for the two weeks. And here’s a more thorough event guide for the nights which are hosting artist appearance.

Entrance to our night is free, if you’ve got a pass for the venue. Moriskan’s pass allows entry to ALL 50 events, and there’s a separate pricing structure for accredited fans, press, and members of the public. Details on the pass, and on everything else about the venue can be found here. Otherwise, you can buy a separate ticket for this night, but we’ll announce details on that closer to the time.

It’s gonna be a massive highlight of Eurovision week. ‘Kom’.


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