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DNSPOk, so here’s the news.

UK music TV channel Dance Nation is joining forces with to launch a scandipop show. One show per week, which will be aired three times during that week. It’ll be one whole hour of nothing but pop videos from Scandinavia. The type of pop that WE like, so therefore the best.

It’ll be a mixture of those artists that are currently releasing music in the UK (Ola, Eric Saade, September, Danny & Freja etc), those artists that have enjoyed huge hits in the past (Robyn, Agnes, Infernal, Basshunter etc), and the ace dance tunes that have crossed over from Sweden to the UK (Eric Prydz, Star Pilots, Stonebridge, Swedish House Mafia etc). Plus, most interestingly of all, we’ll be sourcing some videos of artists and singles that were never actually released in the UK, but that we think deserve their 15 minutes in the spotlight to British music TV viewers.

We toyed with the idea of pushing for some Dansband too, but perhaps it’s best to take one step at a time here.

It starts NEXT WEEK, on Friday October 7th. It’ll be trialed for one month in the following timeslots;

Fridays: 10:00
Saturdays: 16:00
Monday nights/Tuesday mornings: 00:00

And will stay put if it gets enough viewers – so watch it please!

You can marvel at Dance Nation (which was already the best UK music TV channel alongside the also amazing Chart Show TV) on Sky channel 376.


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