scandipop club night…is becoming…scandipop LIVE!

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Different event, different time, different venue.

We’re changing! As much as we’ve loved and enjoyed hosting the scandipop club night for the last nine months, we’d like more – and we’d like to give you more too! And so as of this month, the scandipop club night becomes scandipop live! We’ll no longer be just a night out where you can come and dance to the greatest Scandinavian pop, dance and schlager (although that element will still be at the root of our new nights), we’re also going to enable you to come and see the makers of this great music actually perform it live on stage!!! And so every scandipop event will have a different artist for you to come and watch. With us Djing before and after their gig.

The idea is simple. It’s an opportunity for Scandinavian acts to come and perform their music to their UK fans. And it’s a chance for UK fans to finally see live, the artists that make all the great scandipop that they love so much – without having to go abroad! It’ll be everyone from dance divas and pop groups, to electro sirens and wizzards, to Melodifestivalen participants and schlager dames. We’ve already got the first few acts on board – with details of the first event being revealed later this weekend.

Due to the nature of having to get artists to travel abroad for one gig, we can’t hold these events at a specific time every month. So whereas we used to occur on the 3rd Thursday of every month, now we’ll be taking place as and when the artist is available. We might be holding events once a month, or twice per month, or once in two months – it depends on artist availability! Additionally, the venue in which the gig will take place will also depend on the artist – the bigger the act, the bigger the venue, and vice-versa.

To keep track of what events are coming up, it’s best you keep checking this website. Or you can join the facebook group, ‘scandipop’, where we’ll be emailing everyone whenever a new event is announced. On top of all this, you can follow us on Twitter if you’re into that sort of thing (

We love this music, and we know that you do too – so we wanted to finally allow the music and its audience to come together in the same room for a night out. Do come along! X

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