Scandalbeauties: ‘We Are Alive’

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Scandinavia doesn’t just do pop better than everywhere else. It does glamour modelling better than everyone else too. So what do you get when some Scandinavian glamour models get together to record and release a Scandinavian pop song?


It’s Scandalbeauties, a troupe of promo girls who go around to nightclubs and events, and get paid to parade around wearing very little in the way of clothing. And now they’re being paid to be popstars of sorts. The first fruits of that experiment is ‘We Are Alive’. It’s by no means amazing, but it is quite good. And we do LOVE this sort of thing. Total trash. But sometimes you don’t want a nutritious three course meal. Sometimes you want sweets.

If you do like that sort of thing you’ll be pleased to know that a second single has just been released this month too, ‘Legends’. Here’s a preview.

Now. The video. It’s basically girls like the three specimens in the image above. Touching themselves, thrusting their cleavages at the camera, and knocking back copious amounts of fizz. All while wearing fancy headphones and singing of course, ‘cos this IS ¬†all about the music after all. Come on now.

And below we have that very video – in its censored format. You can watch the uncensored version at their website if you’re that way inclined. You filthy animal.

We Are Alive
We Are Alive - Single - Scandalbeauties

Legends - Single - Scandalbeauties

Ta to europopped for the tip-off on ‘We Are Alive’.


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