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One of scandipop’s favourite under the radar pop starlets is back with a remix and re-release of a song of hers from earlier this year. It’s ‘Spellbound’, and you can have a listen to the original and read our thoughts on it here.

It’s the Tommy Johnson remix – re-released in its own right because of its popularity as a standalone mix at the time of the original release. It sees the song sped-up and tranced out. Turning the pure sugar of the original, into chemically enhanced sweetener. Whereas the previous edit would have been too young to get into the club, and too innocent to want to anyway – this new version is always one of the thrill seeking stragglers at the very end of the Saturday night/Sunday morning. It’s obviously by far and away Belle’s most extreme single release to date. And while we do prefer her in her regular ‘Mister Mister’ and ‘Sound of Summer’ style, this S&M club dominatrix guise she’s adopting for this one single is a welcome detour in her road to pop perfection.

And Belle is allowing scandipop readers to listen to it in full!

Right here;

[audio:http://lowculture.co.uk/scandi/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Spellbound-Tommy-Johnson-Remix-Edit.mp3|titles=Spellbound (Tommy Johnson Remix Edit)]

The song is composed by Niklas Pettersson and Linda Sonnvik (the same team behind one of the year’s biggest domestic hits in Sweden – Dilba’s ‘Try Again’).┬áIt’s released on iTunes WORLDWIDE next week, keep an eye trained on Belle’s Facebook page for more info, download links, and future releases.

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